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Socio-economic indicators in 2016 10 months of Khanh Hoa Province

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The index of industrial production (IIP) May 10, 2016 increased by 7.52% over the same period last year, of which the mining industry fell 15.89%; processing industries, manufacturing increased by 8%; production and distribution of electricity, gas, hot water, steam and air conditioning increased by 9.65%; water supply, management and disposal, wastewater increase of 10.18%

1. Industrial production

The index of industrial production (IIP) May 10, 2016 increased by 7.52% over the same period last year, of which the mining industry fell 15.89%; processing industries, manufacturing increased by 8%; production and distribution of electricity, gas, hot water, steam and air conditioning increased by 9.65%; water supply, management and disposal, wastewater increase of 10.18%.

Some products manufacturing index to rise May 10, 2016 over the same period, such as wooden bed types, the products of other plaiting materials, domestic water and other nutritious oats ... Products have low index rose or fell were: natural sand, frozen squid, bottled beer, other frozen seafood ....

2. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

2016 summer collection took place in sunny weather conditions limit, but at the booting stage flowering rice as rainy weather late in the season, along with the care and pest control techniques applied to production should the average rice yield in the province reached 58.6 kg / ha, 98.9% of the plan; production reached 79.9 thousand tons, 85.6% of the plan.

Total area planted annual crops since the beginning of 2015-2016 winter-spring crop reached 77 079 hectares to date, with 94.7% of the plan, up 5.3% compared to the same period last year, of which food crops reached 92.1% of the plan, starchy tuber crops reached 93.2% of the target, reaching 92.7% of food crops scheme, industrial plants reached 98.3% of annual plan.

Weather favorable for fishing, combined with policies to develop the fisheries sector has encouraged fishermen offshore fishing; fishery catches May 10, 2016 was 86.9 thousand tons, an increase of 4% over the same period last year. Aquaculture production was 11.9 thousand tons, down 4.5% compared to the same period last year.

Logging output from plantations May 10, 2016 reached 29 732 m3, an increase of 17.7% over the same period last year; focus afforestation reached 980 hectares, down 4.1%. From day 01/01/2016 until 15/10/2016, rangers had discovered 421 violations and developing laws protecting forests, handled 387 cases, confiscating 759.4 m3 of wood types, collected budget 5945 million fine and confiscation of proceeds from the sale of forest products.

Regarding fisheries development policy under Decree No. 67/2014 / ND-CP: 20/10 up to date, out of 37 clients (45 vessels) was approved by the provincial People's Committee, the commercial bank credit contracted Its 15 shipowners (13 newbuildings, vessel upgrades 2), the amount of loans 106.9 billion was disbursed 50.1 billion, 46.9%, 49.8 billion in outstanding loans, launching and exploitation activities 5 02 vessel newbuildings and reformation.

3. Trade - Services - Import Export

Commercial activities in the vibrant local development and continued high growth. The total sales revenue of goods and services across the province May 10, 2016 reached 108,203.9 billion, up 14.8% over the same period last year, while retail sales were 62,578.6 billion, up 14.8% .

Tourism revenue (stay) the entire province May 10, 2016 was 5,001 billion, up 20.7% over the same period last year; guests are 3948 thousand to 9174 thousand days, increasing by 14.3% and 15.9 respectively%; International visitors are 958 thousand to 2,968 thousand day international visitors, we ng respectively 27.6% and 28.8% over the same period last year.

The export turnover of goods May 10, 2016 was 978 million, up 2.3% compared to the same period last year and by 75.2% of the plan. The major export items include: marine vessels (10 units), seafood, coffee ...

Import turnover of goods May 10, 2016 was 557.7 million down 7.7% from the same period last year and by 74.4% of the plan. The main import items are: paper, fibers, textiles, iron and steel ....

Consumer price index in October 2016 the province increased by 1.89% compared to 2.24% 12/2015 and increase over the same period last year. Consumer Price Index average of 10 months increased 1.3% on average last year.


4. Finance - Banking

State budget revenue in the province May 10, 2016 reached 14,391.8 billion by 103.8% estimate, of which revenues from exports and imports reached 4167.5 billion by 131.3% estimate; domestic revenue was 95.6% 10224.3 billion budget with revenues such as revenues from the central business estimating 80.4%, revenues from state-owned enterprises by 75.9% local estimates, revenue from enterprises with foreign investment 110.2% estimate and revenues by 109.1% Non-state estimation, collection of land use fees by 110.7% estimate, ...

Expenditure balance local budgets May 10, 2016 was 8500.8 billion by 91.7% estimate, including recurrent expenditure is 3853.5 billion estimate by 74.2%.

The CI Branch has taken a proactive approach to capture business demand for borrowing, lending and balance the budget, administrative reforms and effectively implement programs of economic, interest rate stability, facilitate for customers to access bank finance. Mobilized funds of credit institutions 10/2016 to the end of the month is 63,470 billion, up 27.7% over the same period last year; loans reached 49 850 billion, up 22.5%.

5. Investment - Construction

May 10, 2016 has decided to grant a new investment policy for 40 projects with a total investment of 22,079 billion. Issuance of new registration certificates for 2,378 business enterprises with a total registered capital of 15,620 billion VND.

The implementation of development investment capital May 10, 2016: capital balance local budgets disbursed 76.3% of the plan; Central assistance funds disbursed 64.6% of the plan.

6. Culture - Social

Asian. Education and training

Examinations held choose provincial high school gifted students to establish good student teams prepare for the exam gifted students in 2017 with 277 countries of 9 high school students, the contest in subjects such as: language Arts, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry ... Organization check national recognized standard at 5 secondary schools of the city of Nha Trang, the results have four recognized schools are eligible. Supports school uniforms, documents and teaching equipment for the district's primary school Changsha in the amount 20.34 million.

b. Medical

Health sector strengthening prevention, surveillance cholera, influenza A (H1N1), (H5N1), the disease prevention measures is translated summer Hand - foot - mouth, dengue and viral diseases Zika . The first 10 months of 2016, the Health sector health care for 2938.7 thousand persons; recorded 541 cases of the disease Hand - foot - mouth, 3949 dengue cases (02 deaths), 01 cases of Zika, 141 cases of viral hepatitis. Has done enough doses for injection 16 522 children under 1 year old; 16 560 measles vaccination for children 2 nose under 18 months old; UV2 + 15 881 vaccination for pregnant women.

C. Culture - Sports

Culture and Sports Sector organized propaganda activities celebrate the holidays, major anniversaries such as 70-year anniversary of Uncle Ho in Cam Ranh Bay (18.10.1946 - 18.10.2016); 71 year anniversary date of Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa resistance (23/10) ...

High performance sport competed in many national prizes. Total medals achieved year-to-date of 05.10.2016 is 169 medals (41 gold, 59 silver, 69 copper); 21 grandmasters; 63 athletes for I.

d. Labour, Employment and Social Security

Held 03 training conferences, implemented the provisions of labor law, wages, social insurance for 2016. Business Plan Implemented collect, store, aggregate information labor market information Supply - Khanh Hoa labor demand in 2016 and is completing development project to support labor market and employment to 2020 Khanh Hoa province.

As of the date of 10.15.2016, the province has organized training for 20 448 people rough, reaching 83.46% of the plan, the organization opened its doors for vocational training 77 rural workers with a total of 2,355 employees. The workshop was organized vocational education development in Khanh Hoa Province period 2016-2020.

Full implementation of regulations, policies and poverty reduction, social protection according to regulations. Has advised a written request issued PPC Planning shall review the poor, near-poor households in 2016; workshop "Developing policies to support specific poverty reduction Khanh Hoa period 2016-2020". Deployment of human activity Month of Action for the elderly Vietnam in 2016, implemented the pilot information system construction Disability Management and mine victims in the town of Van Gia, Dai Lanh, Van Luong commune, Van Thang commune, Van Phu commune.

Done promptly and fully the policies of the central and provincial audience who have contributed to the revolution. Organization of visits, giving gifts to officers and soldiers of the train not organized on the occasion of 55th Anniversary Open Day Ho Chi Minh Trail on board the vessel (23.10.1961 - 23.10.2016). The protection and care of children and gender equality are interested in doing. Held a Tet moon happy with children attending 212 595 respectively, totaling nearly 4.2 billion; advise the Plan of Action Month for gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence in 2016.